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A new and novel lab service for Canadian dairy industry laboratories, AptiLab offers IR, chemistry, and microbiology Proficiency Testing in a quick and convenient way.

With over 25 years of experience as a reference laboratory, and currently being the largest provider of raw milk standards in Canada, our lab team recognizes the unique challenges that come with maintaining ISO/IEC 17025 accreditation and Good Laboratory Practices for dairy analysis. We’re here to provide you a reliable solution to achieve these goals.

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Accredited by the Standards Council of Canada for the current ISO/IEC 17043 international standards for Proficiency Testing providers, as well as to the current ISO/IEC 17025, we are qualified to provide the highest standard of expertise in all our services.

Process Overview

Equipped with state-of-the-art technology alongside a team of highly skilled technicians to bring excellence from our laboratory to yours, AptiLab is proud to offer you proficiency testing services of the highest Canadian caliber. AptiLab testing kits are available for a wide variety of milk products and compositions, as well as for microbiological Proficiency Testing. 

We keep the process simple:  


a. Download, read, agree to, and sign our Terms and Conditions of Enrollment. Be sure all portions of the form are filled out correctly.
b. Specify which test kits and what quantities you require on our Order Form.
c. Submit both forms to the AptiLab Team via email.


a. Your test kits will ship on specified dates. Be sure to anticipate them by keeping an eye on our calendar. Analyze the test kits as you would for any other product; consult our Protocol as needed.
c. Submit your findings to our team via AptiLab HUB.


a. Your lab’s outcome and associated report will be available via AptiLab HUB.
b. That’s all! Your lab can continue routine operations, and the next round of testing will follow on our schedule below— automatically.


AptiLab offers Proficiency Testing kits for multiple milk-based products, including raw milk composition, processed milk, cream, cheese, and raw milk quality.

Below you will find a full list of our test kits and their contents:


• Fat
• True Protein
• Lactose
• Total Solids
• Urea


• Total Bacteria
• Freezing Point
• Somatic Cell Count
• Antibiotics


• Fat
• Crude Protein
• Lactose
• Total Solids


• Fat
• Crude Protein
• Total Solids

*Processed and high-fat options


• Fat
• Crude Protein
• Humidity

We also offer the following non-accredited method kits for Raw Milk – Composition:

  • Fatty Acids
  • Beta Hydroxybutyrate (BHB)

With the exception of our Raw Milk – Quality kits (Bacterial count and freezing point), statistical analyses are performed based on reference values and not by participants’ average. This means your result can always be returned in a timely manner.

Once your test kit of choice is selected, participation in all six dates identified in our calendar is required should you wish to pursue or maintain ISO accreditation. If not, other arrangements are possible.

For more information on any of our Proficiency Testing kits dates, please find our service schedule below or contact the AptiLab team.


Our Proficiency Testing kits are organized every other month for raw milk composition, processed milk, cream, cheese, and raw milk quality. 


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